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The meaty season is officially here! With so much meat around it can be difficult for you to choose a menu every day! 

Well, at Krave Mart we’re spicing things up with a complete recipe menu that is not just mouth-watering but easy to cook too… 

Here’s our fresh take on a modern recipe to fix your meal & mood!



Beef bread shape aka roast cut – one piece

2 tsp. Crystallized Salt 

3 tsp. black pepper

2″ stick of Cinnamon

2 tsp. Brown Sugar

4 Black Cardamom

3 tbs. Lemon juice


Wash the meat & dry it with a kitchen towel. Next, ground all the spices & mix with lemon juice to make a paste. Rub this paste on the meat thoroughly. Now place this meat in the fridge for a day, covered in a bowl. Take the meat out the next day & rub it for a few more minutes in the same paste it was marinated, then place it back in the fridge. Repeat the same process each day for six days.

After the sixth day tie the meatloaf with a strong string then place it in a large pot & put 2 cups water in the pot NOT on the meatloaf. Cook the meat on low heat for 2-3 hours. After this enjoy with your favorite bread or raw with delicious sauces. 



Bread of choice – 4 Slices

Hunter Beef – 4 Slices

Mayonnaise – 2 tablespoons

Ketchup – 2 tablespoons

Ground Black Pepper – ½ teaspoon

Tomato – 1 big Sliced

Lettuce Leaves – 5 – 6 


First, spread mayonnaise & ketchup on all bread slices. Sprinkle a generous amount of ground black pepper on the spread. Next put tomato slices, lettuce leaves & hunter beef slices on top of it. Finally, top this with the other half of the bread slice. Need more? Add crispy homemade potato fries on the side & enjoy! 



1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice

2 to 3 cups cold water, to dilute

1 cup sugar 

1 cup water 

7Up depending on the amount you need


Add sugar & water to a saucepan & bring to a simmer. Keep stirring so that the sugar dissolves completely then remove from heat.

Meanwhile, juice your lemons & then pour the juice along with the simple syrup sugar water into a jug. Add 2 – 3 cups of cold water & 7Up to taste. Now refrigerate this for 30 to 40 minutes & then serve chill. 

So, are you ready to try this sizzling recipe today???

Pro tip! Order all your ingredients at the comfort of your home using…

Krave Mart:


Weather update!!! Pakistan is currently on high alert with weather changes causing wind-dust/thunderstorms and rain. As June hits panic around Monsoon starts to take a serious troll. This year-round it’s no surprise, but it’s important to remind ourselves to go through a quick precaution list as a refresher!

  • Rain & thunderstorms can cause panic. In such cases, people can get hurt. Keep a first aid kit prepared at your home & car to be prepared in case an injury takes place.
  • Lightning is sudden & deadly! It can strike within a blink of an eye causing fires, property damage, and fatalities. Seeking shelter indoors is a wise idea during a thunderstorm.
  • Be prepared for a power supply outage. Prepare an emergency kit with flashlights, batteries, non-perishable food, and water in case of power outages.
  • Thunderstorms can also spawn tornadoes, which are extremely violent. Learn all tornado warning signs and keep a list of places you can seek shelter at.  
  • Thunderstorms bring along strong gusts of wind. This can cause damage like uprooting trees, heavy billboards & banners randomly hitting causing harm & deaths too. Hence, we suggest you stay away from windows & entrance doors.
  • Rain can create slippery conditions. Roads, walkways, and patios all have an increased risk of accidents. Be careful when walking or driving under wet conditions, and ensure you have proper footwear and tires for your vehicle with good traction.
  • Continuous heavy rain can lead to flash flooding. This happens when there’s a rapid rise in water levels. In such circumstances avoid walking or driving on roads.  

The most important one is…

STAY INDOORS & ORDER EVERYTHING ONLINE stock up before it’s too late…


Stay tuned for more life-saving tips! Till then Krave On!

Pssst… The best ways to eat mangos this summer!

Ahhh, the smell of sweet mangos is so tempting! It’s such a Pakistani thing to get your household some mangos this season. Every nook of your neighborhood, family members, colleagues have mangos to offer you raw or as a sweet delight. 

Do you love to spread the mango fever too?! We have a list of great ways you can have your mangos this season. Send ‘em over at someone’s home or enjoy ‘em at your own condo!

So are you ready to mango for it?! Do not skip the itinerary below…

Mango Drizzle

Puree a mango & use it to drizzle over ice cream, pancakes, salads & absolutely anything that you can have to complement it with! It’s a healthy alternative & delicious too.

Mango Kebob

Different but exotic, just add mangos to skewers along with traditional kebabs for a sweetened twist.

Mango Spread

Here’s a great way to skip preserved jams & jelly. Substitute these with mango puree! Slather over your toast or fill between your morning sandwich. It’ll taste amazing, try it!

Mango Parfait

It’s the best sweet dish to keep your health in check! Layer yogurt, granola, dry fruits & mango chunks together. Freeze if you like, or have it as is. 

Mango Salsa

Spur some excitement with mango salsa. Mix together cubed mangos, red onions, capsicums, cilantro lime juice & corn chips served with mango puree drizzled on top.

Pro tip: Get everything at Krave Mart & try these mouth watering ways to have mangos today!

You’ll get juicy sweet mangoes only during summer. We hope you don’t waste the season of mangoes. The best reason to benefit from eating mangoes is NOW! Grab the unmatched flavor & quality, not to forget the aroma of mangoes will make you tempted for more.


Stay tuned to our blog post forum to discover more… 

Date with Mom? Here are some ideas for Mother’s Day

Your bond for life; the relationship between you & your mom is truly a match made in heaven! Make your mom feel special this Mother’s Day! Our blog post has all the tips & tricks you need to appreciate your mama bear this Sunday!

It’s a date then? Hehehe, we’re referring to the quality time you can spend with your mom. Since Mother’s Day is falling on the weekend, we thought of ideas that can complement the day.

You can plan the day, literally at your fingertips… Lucky for you Krave Mart has just the right assortment to sort your at-home date! 


There’s no better way to start with a breakfast made with love & a little effort. We have two classic ideas you can go for… 

If your mom loves desi that’s sorted for sure, if she loves her breakfast differently we’ve got that covered for you too!  


Get your hands on instant frozen parathas; they’re easy to cook. Crack some fresh eggs & add your favorites; green chili’s, grated cheese, coriander, salt & pepper. Never, ever forget chai!!! Add some love to it with elaichi pods & remember to make it “ek dum kadak” the iconic doodh patti style! 


Express with Nutella,  it’s a love language that needs no words. Serve a crusty Nutella toast with fresh fruits on the side. Strawberries, bananas, & pineapples are always in season. Top it off with a warm cup of coffee garnished with cream & viola you’re all done! 


An hour(s) with no worry & just self-care is every mom’s dream. So, what could be better than an at-home spa day? A light facial, manicure & pedicure sounds good?! We’ll guide you to pamper your mom with a salon-like treatment right in the comfort of your home! 

Set the mood of the room. Create a calm ambiance with scented candles, calming music & dimmed lights. Start with a light facial; steaming, cleansing, scrubbing, facial mask & a moisturizer of choice. 

Next is a relaxing manicure & pedicure. Soak feet & hands in warm water, after 10 minutes of soaking, treat each foot & hand at a time. File nails, massage, scrub & moisturize. End it with a nail paint color your mom loves the most, it’s her day right?!!  


We bet all moms are cool! So a movie plan – Netflix & Chill with your mom is no surprise?! Pick your mom’s favorite movie, we’re guessing it’s gonna be old-school gold. Place comfy cushions, fairy lights, cozy blankets & a bunch of snacks, drinks, ice cream, chocolates, popcorn & more…

Keep your Krave Mart application by your side, in case you run out of snacks!

Sounds like you’re in a movie yourself?! Be assured your date with Mom will be this dreamy.

These budget-friendly yet heartwarming ideas for Mother’s Day are perfect. We hope you enjoy your day, remember to share feedback on how it went! We did our part, now it’s your turn…

P.S Happy Mother’s Day from our side to your mom. If you’re a mother reading this – HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY 🙂


Refreshing, healthy drinks always have a major moment during Ramzan, especially this time of the month. Summers are only getting hotter & this makes everyone scream “kuch thanda milega” at sehri & iftar hours.

So, we decided to help you sip your way to a better health with versatile drink options you can enjoy. Our recipes address hydration & nutrition as a major aspect, considering the clean eating concept for your family & you!

DISCLAIMER These recipes will make you KRAVE to create ‘em, in such case, all ingredients are available at the Krave Mart Application. SHOP HERE


Ready to shake up your Sehri & Iftar with a boost of health?! Well, read on!

Summers are all about refreshing, cooling drinks. Keeping it as bright as possible, here are a few Suhoor & Iftar fan favorites you can’t skip this Ramzan! 



Heavenly Khajoor Drink

Enjoy your date with health… the halaal way. You’ll go nuts for this heavenly khajoor, walnuts & banana milk shake!


  • Dates
  • Walnuts
  • Milk
  • Bananas
  • Honey


Place dates, frozen bananas, walnuts & milk in a blender. Add honey or sweetener of your choice. Blend on high speed until everything is smooth, creamy and tastes delicious. Add ice to make it more chilled & enjoy at suhoor or Iftar!


Sweet Mini Falooda

No Iftari can be complete without a sweet cool pitcher of our ever loved rosy delight, yes you guessed it right, it’s Rooh Afza!!!


  • Rooh Afza
  • Milk
  • Basil Seeds (Tukh Malanga)


Add Rooh Afza syrup to chilled milk. Mix in sugar, powdered sugar is preferable as it dissolves quickly then refrigerate it until it’s time to serve. Add a spoonful of basil seeds (tukh malanga) a few minutes before serving. Level it up with a few scoops of your favorite ice cream & enjoy! 



Tangy & Sweet Strawberry Mocktail

It’s strawberry season again!!! Time to make some sweet memories, sounds like a mocktail is our jam!


  • Strawberries
  • Lime Juice + Zest
  • Mint Leaves (Garnishing)


Add Strawberries (2-3), lime juice & zest, mint leaves & sugar in a glass & crush everything together. The consistency should be a bit chunky. Add soda (Sprite or 7Up) & fill the glass. Stir with a spoon & add ice cubes & garnish with a strawberry slitted placed at the rim of the serving glass. 


Refreshing Peach Drink

Life is as peachy as you make it to be! Here’s a delicious recipe to make your summer look pretty! 


  • Peaches (Frozen)
  • Lemon Juice
  • Mint Leaves (Garnishing)


In a blender add frozen peaches, lemon juice,  sugar to taste along with some water & blend through. Bring it to a consistency that’s drinkable. Serve chilled with mint leaves garnish & sip to enjoy!


Rocky Application Launch Celebration!

Rocky Project Team

It’s been a “Rocky Ride!”

At Krave Mart we believe our rider force is the backbone of our business. Having said this;  we are proud to announce the launch of our very own Rider application named “ROCKY”.

Meet ZOHAIB SHAIKH – Senior Manager Tech at Krave Mart & few of our ROCKY project team members; Asad, Zain, Waqas, Zohaib, Ibtesam, Aaqash, Hamza Faqi & Sami.

Rocky Project Tech Team at Krave Mart

Zohaib leading the Tech has seen it all from the scratch till the final launch of the ROCKY App! Here’s his super short take on the project;

“Using technology for social good, we created Rocky Rider App that not only optimizes delivery operations but also benefits delivery riders in terms of safety, earnings, flexibility, and work-life balance.”  

This project not only will contribute towards better customer experience with the rider front being seamless as a result of the application, but also will empower the KRAVE MART Rider Community, known as; ROCK STARS!

Vision Behind This Unique Application

It was to mitigate the pain points our riders face delivering orders everyday. 

To name a few;

  • Offering a work life balance for the riders! They can choose a shift that suits their lifestyle.  
  • Help riders save on petrol expense by assigning routes near to their location covering less distance, yet more orders. 
  • Providing access to their performance to justify their incentives & perks. 
  • Independent assessment of their performance to improve.  
  • Building trust with a transparent dashboard having their day to day activities displayed. 
  • Predefined routes relieving the stress to plan multiple orders assigned at once.
  • Real time tracking & updating of the orders assigned in real time.   

What’s intriguing is that all our riders are tech savvy. Adapting to an application dedicated to ease their order management has not been challenging so far. The application actively supports budget friendly Android smartphones with a sleek engineered design supporting low RAM(s) & runs smooth on multiple owned & third party servers. 

Here are a few words by our ROCKY App’s Product Lead

“I walked into Krave Mart as a Product Manager when the basic version of the ROCKY App was already running. From then, it took us just three months to build the complete App along with the order delivery feature. Building the App & launching it across all our dark stores was seamless, thanks to the cross-functional collaboration between tech, product and the operations team. The launch is only the first phase, the second phase now begins where we are constantly bringing new features and improving the ROCKY App whilst keeping our riders experience as top priority.”

UMAIR ARSHAD – Product Manager ROCKY App at Krave Mart

Left to Right – Hammad Bawany; CPO ( Chief Product Officer) & Umair Arshad; Product Manager ROCKY App at Krave Mart

In order to ensure our Rockstar Riders are well-equipped and provide the best experience to our customers, we made sure we prioritize this as much as we could.  Hence, our teams flew to every nook & corner where Krave Mart dark stores existed & helped implement the ROCKY APP in person with LIVE TRAINING SESSIONS.


Our tech warriors are tough but grounded. Understanding the struggles a rider may face, they went far & beyond asking their wish lists to further keep improvising the application for a common man. 

The existing design is a result of multiple trial runs, literally on road (considering it was an application for the riders). 

Such applications usually have a blueprint of an international study. However, our engineers understood that an application in Pakistan genuinely needed a demographic structure at the backend which suited our local weather & road conditions. New technologies backing this were implemented by our tech champs to make the ROCKY APP special!

Rocky App accommodates Krave Riders across Karachi, Lahore & Rawalpindi. Looks like it’s time to celebrate! 

ROCKY App launch celebration cake!

Our tech teams got an edge! Development of ROCKY has been an incredible experience, It created a bridge connecting multiple departments & gave us a chance to face technological challenges which helped us grow. 

Special thanks to HAMMAD BAWANY; Co-Founder & CPO ( Chief Product Officer) at Krave Mart for his endless support!

Stay tuned for more news & updates, till then, keep KRAVING!

Blessed Days Are Coming – Ramzan Zakat Edition


Yes, this holy month calls people to open their hearts. To become more pious, kinder, generous & the list goes on. Speaking of such beautiful attributes, are you looking forward to becoming someone’s hope? Well, you can ease your brothers & sisters by fulfilling their Suhoor & Iftar needs this holy month.  


Basic staples such as Flour, Sugar, Lentils, Tea Leaves, Khajoor can cover Ramzan essentials which every household needs. If you’re looking for a complete Ramzan Rashan Hamper to give away as a donation; Krave Mart already has your wish fulfilled.


Considering inflation rise in the country, we’ve introduced economical Ramzan Rashan Hamper packages starting form as low as Rs. 1699 for Karachi & 1899 for Lahore & Rawalpindi. You can take a look at the images below to grasp knowledge on products & prices for each hamper. 



You can choose form any hamper that suits your zakat budget;

  • Bachat Hamper
  • Barkat Hamper
  • Mega Hamper

We’re sure you’re looking forward to holding hands of those who need your support the most this Ramzan! Make a family smile sharing from what God has blessed you with…


Beyond The Brown Bag! Women’s Day Special

It’s that time of the month… you know the drill? Right?!

The infamous bag of shame carries a stigma that we feel the urge to address this Women’s Day. Can you guess which bag we’re referring to? It’s a regular menstrual essential; a sanitary pad that subliminally screams guilt; surprisingly even in this day and age.

Tackling the taboo around menstruation is easier said than done. Every time a man or a woman shops for sanitary pads, the monkey mind works asking for it to be covered in a brown bag. If you miss following the protocol, hate trolls are what you deserve.

Is this fair?! NOT AT ALL! Since when has nature been looked down upon? It’s about time we recognize the monthly period flow for what it really is! A natural process women need to go through that prepares and separates them from men. 

So, let’s normalize by setting free the sanitary pad pack from the brown bag. Speaking openly on such a sensitive topic can help educating young women on basic hygiene around periods. You can do your part too, & help millions of girls ease their menstrual cycle and feel empowered.

The most minor period malfunctions such as; 

  • a red spot on the pants,
  • leaving out a sanitary pad pack on the dressing,
  • asking for a tampon at the shop counter or, 
  • a sudden advertisement on a period pad brand,

is unfortunately tagged as an elephant in the room. It’s about time we break the wheel & think BEYOND THE BROWN BAG! Let’s support the movement, and embrace femininity as we should know it! 

We hope our yearning of turning the idea of the BROWN BAG‘s unrealistic idea into a more authentic one succeeds. 

Drop your thoughts in the comments section below, we’d love to hear you out Kravers!

This article is inspired by and an extension to the campaign: ‘Brown Bag Syndrome’ by KhairKhwah

Valentine’s Day Ideas That Scream I LOVE YOU

Our Cupid approved ideas won’t let you down! Date night with your better half or fun with your loved ones, we’ve got some cheesy ideas to lit your Valentine’s pink! So, are you ready to get love bombed by Krave Mart?!!!

I LOVE YOU BERRY MUCH – Valentine’s Day Ideas

Sounds like strawberries are calling! Lucky you, it’s Valentines, and STRAWBERRY season just started. The iconic way to have strawberries on Valentines is by having ‘em dipped in chocolate. However, topping it on almost everything can be a treat you don’t wanna miss!  

ALL THINGS CHOCOLATE – Valentine’s Day Ideas

DO NOT think about chocolate!!! Exactly, and here you are already thinking about it! Nutty, plain or freezing cool, try chocolate as you like; V-DAY style! 

Serve a fancy bowl full of FERRERO – crunchy hazelnut filled chocolate. Gold is a good color to theme around for a classy & luxe approach, especially if you have guests over. You can also give a Ferrero chocolate bouquet to hosts who invite you over.  

NUTELLA is another exciting & healthy chocolate option. You can DIY your favorite combos with this hazelnut spread. Marshmallows or your favorite fruits (we suggest strawberries) dipped in nutella literally seals the deal. Cute cream & fruit sandwiches with a layer of Nutella are a good snack to fall for! These are just a few ideas, you can go creative with anything that compliments, but Nutella… we swear by it!  

Chocolate flavored ICE CREAM can melt anyone’s heart within seconds.  Chilled Tub is a good option to cool off as summer hits back, or if it’s chilly where you’re located, catch the thrill while it lasts. If you’re too cool, vibe alone with OMORE Ice Cream cone & embrace self love this Valentine’s!

HIM & HER OR SOLO? – Valentine’s Day Ideas

Have a date night at your HOME! You can’t go wrong with delicious pasta, scented candles, snacks, durex, Netflix & chill or anything that makes the both of you feel special! 

If you’re a loner, pamper yourself with an all exclusive SELF CARE day! Get a face mask sheet on, slather your favorite moisturizer, paint your nails while you sip your favorite flavored green tea settled by your side!

So, no matter where you land this Valentines, it seems like you’re all set to have a love-ly celebration, and yes, you’re welcome!

Stay tuned, we’ve got more tips & updates you always Krave for a better lifestyle coming your way!


Love Nutella?! Get creative with your favorite hazelnut cocoa spread on the go!!!

Ferrero’s most loved brand Nutella is in the spotlight this month! Yes, it’s nutella day this 5th of February folks. We just can’t contain ourselves, hence, we’re sharing fun ways to slurp, spread, drizzle nutella for breakfast, lunch or munch!

DISCLAIMER: You’ll go nutella over these irresistible recipe ideas; keep your Krave Mart App steady!

Charcuterie Board 

Your go-to for any occasion, a charcuterie board never gets old, and guess what, we’re suggesting nutella as an exciting spread to go on your board. Compliment it with salted biscuits, crackers, breadsticks or any similar edible item & welcome the deliciousness onboard!

High Tea With Marie 

Remember those old school Marie Biscuits?! Well, it has a popular new friend to hang out with – nutella! Who knew you could upgrade your grandma’s favorite plain cookies to levels! Just spread nutella over these wholesome biscuits to make ‘em luxe! So, excited to snack on the perfect duo? Order away!!!

Go nut’ella

Create your own all you can have snickers bar while you Netflix & Chill! All you need is your favorite nuts & a nutella jar (or two). We suggest you go for peanuts, almonds, & cashews; roughly chopped. Get yourself a bowl, add nutella & mix well with the nuts. Form tiny balls from this mixture & freeze for an hour. Munch on your healthy snickers at the comfort of your couch! 

Nutella Pizza 

Sounds weird, but exciting as a climax! We never meant to create a weird food combo here, we’re talking bread slathered with nutella & your favorite fruits & exciting toppings! You can go with strawberries, bananas, cocoa nibs, coconut shavings to top the nutella spread. Tip: Make a good breakfast on the go!

Drooling already?! We think it’s about time you got your hands on everything you need to satisfy your nutella kravings. What are you waiting for… ORDER AWAY it’s World nutella Day!

Drop off your thoughts in the comments section or our social media platforms. Stay tuned for more exciting inspirations coming your way, till then, Keep Kraving!