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Valentine’s Day Ideas That Scream I LOVE YOU

Our Cupid approved ideas won’t let you down! Date night with your better half or fun with your loved ones, we’ve got some cheesy ideas to lit your Valentine’s pink! So, are you ready to get love bombed by Krave Mart?!!!

I LOVE YOU BERRY MUCH – Valentine’s Day Ideas

Sounds like strawberries are calling! Lucky you, it’s Valentines, and STRAWBERRY season just started. The iconic way to have strawberries on Valentines is by having ‘em dipped in chocolate. However, topping it on almost everything can be a treat you don’t wanna miss!  

ALL THINGS CHOCOLATE – Valentine’s Day Ideas

DO NOT think about chocolate!!! Exactly, and here you are already thinking about it! Nutty, plain or freezing cool, try chocolate as you like; V-DAY style! 

Serve a fancy bowl full of FERRERO – crunchy hazelnut filled chocolate. Gold is a good color to theme around for a classy & luxe approach, especially if you have guests over. You can also give a Ferrero chocolate bouquet to hosts who invite you over.  

NUTELLA is another exciting & healthy chocolate option. You can DIY your favorite combos with this hazelnut spread. Marshmallows or your favorite fruits (we suggest strawberries) dipped in nutella literally seals the deal. Cute cream & fruit sandwiches with a layer of Nutella are a good snack to fall for! These are just a few ideas, you can go creative with anything that compliments, but Nutella… we swear by it!  

Chocolate flavored ICE CREAM can melt anyone’s heart within seconds.  Chilled Tub is a good option to cool off as summer hits back, or if it’s chilly where you’re located, catch the thrill while it lasts. If you’re too cool, vibe alone with OMORE Ice Cream cone & embrace self love this Valentine’s!

HIM & HER OR SOLO? – Valentine’s Day Ideas

Have a date night at your HOME! You can’t go wrong with delicious pasta, scented candles, snacks, durex, Netflix & chill or anything that makes the both of you feel special! 

If you’re a loner, pamper yourself with an all exclusive SELF CARE day! Get a face mask sheet on, slather your favorite moisturizer, paint your nails while you sip your favorite flavored green tea settled by your side!

So, no matter where you land this Valentines, it seems like you’re all set to have a love-ly celebration, and yes, you’re welcome!

Stay tuned, we’ve got more tips & updates you always Krave for a better lifestyle coming your way!


Love Nutella?! Get creative with your favorite hazelnut cocoa spread on the go!!!

Ferrero’s most loved brand Nutella is in the spotlight this month! Yes, it’s nutella day this 5th of February folks. We just can’t contain ourselves, hence, we’re sharing fun ways to slurp, spread, drizzle nutella for breakfast, lunch or munch!

DISCLAIMER: You’ll go nutella over these irresistible recipe ideas; keep your Krave Mart App steady!

Charcuterie Board 

Your go-to for any occasion, a charcuterie board never gets old, and guess what, we’re suggesting nutella as an exciting spread to go on your board. Compliment it with salted biscuits, crackers, breadsticks or any similar edible item & welcome the deliciousness onboard!

High Tea With Marie 

Remember those old school Marie Biscuits?! Well, it has a popular new friend to hang out with – nutella! Who knew you could upgrade your grandma’s favorite plain cookies to levels! Just spread nutella over these wholesome biscuits to make ‘em luxe! So, excited to snack on the perfect duo? Order away!!!

Go nut’ella

Create your own all you can have snickers bar while you Netflix & Chill! All you need is your favorite nuts & a nutella jar (or two). We suggest you go for peanuts, almonds, & cashews; roughly chopped. Get yourself a bowl, add nutella & mix well with the nuts. Form tiny balls from this mixture & freeze for an hour. Munch on your healthy snickers at the comfort of your couch! 

Nutella Pizza 

Sounds weird, but exciting as a climax! We never meant to create a weird food combo here, we’re talking bread slathered with nutella & your favorite fruits & exciting toppings! You can go with strawberries, bananas, cocoa nibs, coconut shavings to top the nutella spread. Tip: Make a good breakfast on the go!

Drooling already?! We think it’s about time you got your hands on everything you need to satisfy your nutella kravings. What are you waiting for… ORDER AWAY it’s World nutella Day!

Drop off your thoughts in the comments section or our social media platforms. Stay tuned for more exciting inspirations coming your way, till then, Keep Kraving!