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Kitchen Essentials Your Kitchen Is Incomplete Without!

Beginners or experts, kitchen essentials never get old. You can never leave Krave Mart’s App without impulse buying, and, guess what? We’ve got a treasure trove of kitchen essentials to keep by your side. 

Scattered flour, cluttered counters, unpacked grocery, garbage lying is no longer a sight you’d ever experience. No matter how lost your kitchen looks, our list of kitchen must-haves will save your time any day or night on the go!

Handy Dandy – Kitchen Essentials

Work smart, shorten your meal cooking time! Steady these utensils & gadgets in your kitchen cabinets or drawers. These quick meal prep tools are a blessing to have: 

  • Shredder/Grater – Rs. 390
  • Stainless Deep Frying Strainer – Rs. 220
  • Peeler – Rs. 225
  • Aalu Masher – Rs. 199
  • Wooden Lemon Squeezer – Rs. 130
  • Kitchen Gas Lighter – Rs. 240 
  • Ketchup Botte Rs. 65
  • Measuring Spoon Set – Rs. 260 
  • Tea Strainer – Rs. 110 
  • Chapati Chimta – Rs. 110 
  • Silicone Oven Gloves/ Pot Holder – Rs. 160

Food Storage  – Kitchen Essentials

Leftovers or weekly meal prep? No matter what needs to be stored, at Krave Mart we have everything you need to keep away for use the next day or weeks later. Containers, zip lock bags, or ice cubes you’ll find everything you need & meets your budget!

  • Fay Aluminum Foil – Rs. 600
  • Fay Cling Film – Rs. 300
  • Microwave Friendly Plastic Containers – Up to Rs. 210 
  • Zipper Bags (small, medium & large) – Rs. 220 
  • Ice Cube Trays – Rs. 160

Disposable Cutlery  – Kitchen Essentials

Turn any last-minute surprise party from a disaster into a dream. Get yourself disposable cutlery to save time & the exhaustion that haunts your after party clean up thoughts!

  • Disposable Spoons (50 Pieces) – Rs. 169  
  • Paper Plates (25) – Rs. 210 
  • Disposable Cups (50) – Rs. 359

Garbage Disposal – Kitchen Essentials

Reduce the “ick” when disposing of garbage. Shop premium quality garbage bags to keep everything tidy in your kitchen.   

  • Trash Bag 30 Pieces Rs. 160 

Found something you need? Next time you hear the voice “What’s for dinner” on a hectic day, you won’t feel frustrated. We hope you’re considering these life hack tools, while placing your next order at Krave Mart.

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