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2-3 Years


Karachi, Pakistan

Job Description:

1. Planning and executing daily replenishments from Distribution Center to Dark Stores.
2. Analyze sales trends for demand forecasting.
3. Minimizing disposals by highlighting near-to-expiry stock beforehand so appropriate actions for liquidation can be taken.
4. Identify and plan movement for slow moving stock at the stores.
5. Prepare reallocation plan for inter-store movement to ensure stock availability across all stores.
6. Continuously improve forecasts through evaluation of inventory changes, sales trends, category trends or marketing plans.
7. Plan and monitor production schedules for private label brands.
8. Preparation of reports and dashboards.

Skills Required:

1. Master’s Degree in BA, Supply Chain or a Related Field
2. Analytical Thinking
3. Statistical Analysis
4. Data Management and Analysis
5. Data Visualization and Reporting